Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How Christ Changed the World

As the Christmas celebration approaches, let us consider how the words of Acts 17:6 came to fruition…

17 Now when they [Paul and Silas] had passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia, they came to Thessalonica, where was a synagogue of the Jews:
And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures,
Opening and alleging, that Christ must needs have suffered, and risen again from the dead; and that this Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ.
And some of them believed, and consorted with Paul and Silas; and of the devout Greeks a great multitude, and of the chief women not a few.
But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.
And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, 
“These that have turned the world upside down
are come hither also."
(Acts 17:1-6,  King James Version)

Christ did, indeed, turn the world upside down.

Before the people had knowledge of the Author of self-government, they were unaware of Truth and Light. Think of the Dark Ages…aptly named, eh? Both government and the Church were corrupt. Serfdom. Peasants. Injustice. No hope for the common man.

Then, as God orchestrated the writing of the Bible in English and He placed Scripture into the hands of the people, they learned that they did not need a king to rule over them. As they read the Bible, they learned that they could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. They discovered they could be self-governed through the Holy Spirit. They had hope!

Once they realized they could govern their personal thoughts and actions, they realized they also had the capacity to govern their families, churches, and communities.

As self-government grew and the Gospel spread, the world saw great advancements in every field: science, math, art, music, literature. Just as the opponents of Christ noted during the times of the early church (Acts 17:6), the Gospel of Christ had turned the world upside down. 

Jesus was the Great Equalizer, for now women were to be held in high esteem. Rich and poor were on equal footing. People of all colors and backgrounds were the same before God.

The Gospel even brought modesty with it. As missionaries took Christianity to remote areas, tribesmen and women desired clothing. It's interesting to note that clothing was the first provision God made for His creation after Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden.

The founding of America demonstrates the Gospel's effect on achievement. America was the only nation whose government was built on this new idea of self-government - this is what makes America exceptional…it was an exception to previous forms of government.  In colonial times the literacy rate was as high as it has ever been, 97-99%! 

What has happened since then? Once post-Christianity began its spread throughout Europe and North America, what have we seen? 

Science has devolved into the acceptance of the theory of evolution as fact in spite of Darwin's own warnings against it. 

Music and art have become disjointed, eclectic arrangements that people find disturbing rather than pleasurable. 

New methods of math are confounding rather than inspiring. 

History, His-Story, the story of Jesus Christ played out on the stage of world geography has been deduced to unrelated facts that bring boredom, disinterest, and apathy.

The literacy rate continues to plunge despite the money poured into its coffers. We have even set aside the poetic King James Version of the Bible written at the 12th-grade level in favor of the 3rd-grade level New International Version. 

And has anyone noticed that modesty has departed along with the Christian influence?

Ah, the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Now, who's ready to turn the world upside down again?

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shattered Trust: The Morality of a Promise

Ok, so let's say you're in the military.

You ponder getting out to offer stability to your young family. The government really wants you to make defending your nation a career in order to foster continuity and provide experience through the ranks. They make promises so that you'll stay. Knowing there will be much family separation, unknowns, danger, possible disfigurement, mental anguish, or death, you stay. 

Then, through the years, politicians begin to default on their promises.

"We know we promised lifetime medical care to you and your family members, but we have to take that away now."

Wow. That's a tough pill to swallow. 

But, ok. Budget in, budget out. You get that. Government has overspent and is trying to make things right now. It's going to hurt. Everyone will have to sacrifice. Financial responsibility - it's the right thing to do.

But as the years pass, you start scratching your head. Congressional members continue to get pay raises. That same Congress insulates and protects itself by excluding its members from purchasing the same national health insurance that the rest of Americans have to buy. They won't have to pay the penalties/taxes/fees (whichever term whichever court deems is correct for the day) either? An unfunded Medicaid system continues to expand. The food stamp program grows beyond our wildest dreams.

What is happening? I thought we all had to give?
Then, the Ryan-Murray budget comes along.  

"You know what, military veterans? It's time for you to sacrifice again. We know we made you a promise, but it's for the good of the nation."

"No, we can't just reduce the pensions of future retirees, the men and women who can choose to leave or stay based on the changes we have to make. We have to break another promise."

I'm not speaking out because of money…
though as much as 20% of a promised retirement pension is significant, 
over time it is manageable.

I'm speaking out on behalf of morality.

This. Is. Wrong. 

If we are in such a mess that the government has to repeatedly renege on promises made to veterans (think the collapse of the USSR), then there are many other things that should go, too.


Let that sink in for a moment.

This "savings" on the backs of veterans will provide our government not even a drop in the bucket in relation to the size of the hole we are in.

What is next on the veteran chopping block? I don't know, but I do know they'll be first up.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nelson Mandela: Inconvenient Truths

“There is nothing sacred or inherently superior about non-violent methods of struggle.” 

—Nelson Mandela, Author of How to be a Good Communist

Last week, I saw a Christian church marquee announcing that on the upcoming Sunday they would be celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. 

Given the national half-staff flags, the Christian churches devoting their Sunday services to the life of Nelson Mandela, and the constant media propaganda about this man (Apple.com even dedicated their landing page to Mandela for several days), we must not allow the hard, inconvenient truths surrounding him to be ignored:
- Unlike Martin Luther King and Ghandi, Mandela denounced nonviolence and chose radical revolution as a means for change.
- He was a convicted terrorist, admitting to 156 terrorist acts where men, women, and children were burnt, blown up, and/or killed. South African Christian Missionary Peter Hammond relates of Mandela...He admitted in open court—and remember, he was trained as a lawyer—he pleaded “guilty” to 156 acts of public violence and terrorism. He was the head of the revolutionary terrorist wing of the African National Congress, “Umkhonto we Sizwe.” And he was behind so many different operations: from the plotting of bombs in the railway station (which killed women and children, which crippled people), bombs in shopping centers, attacks on farmers, . . . so many acts of violence.
During Mandela's revolution, blacks, missionaries and their children, and Red Cross ambulance drivers were murdered. Whole families were killed by land mines. 
This man had his lips and ear cut off while his wife was cooked and eaten:

This woman had her lips cut off because she spoke out against the Communists:

One act of terrorism that Mandela pled guilty to was the fuel suitcase bombing of this little girl in the airport:

- He condoned, and his wife endorsed, "necklacing," the practice of placing a tire on a victim's neck, dousing it with gasoline, and lighting it while watching the excruciating death of the person being burned alive as the rubber melted into the skin. 1000 people were necklaced by the African National Congress, of which Mandela was the head of the military wing.
- He was a Marxist, a leading member of the central committee for the South African Communist Party (SACP) and author of "How to Be a Good Communist."
- He was an ally and friend of mass murderers Castro, Che, Mao, and the Soviet Union.

Under President Mandela, the government DENIED much-needed AIDS drugs to blacks and others (can you imagine the world's response to that under anyone else's leadership?).

Since then, poverty has increased and South Africa is now the murder capital of the world.

If the media and politicians were really a friend of the minority, they would not "whitewash" and ignore these facts and the state of South Africa since Mandela. 

Democracy does not equal morality.

Yes, apartheid had to go. But have blacks - or any South Africans - been better off since Mandela and the Communists took over?

Socialists/Communists/Progressives always promise the moon to the hurting and desperate black population...and deliver only more poverty and destruction.

And in America?

Since the "War on Poverty" was declared in 1964, American blacks are worse off than ever. Billions of dollars have not helped their plight. Think, people. Why do you think that is?? 

American politicians and race-baiters continue to purposefully keep blacks in poverty in order to keep their power. 

Truth is, if the black community were to succeed, 
many politicians would no longer have a job. 

But I digress…back to the topic at hand.

The Church would be wise to first learn the truth about this man, then see how his life lines up to Scripture. 

If the Church focused on the life of the only Man worthy of our celebration, our nation - and the world - would be a much better place.

If you care about facts, if you'd like to know TRUTH rather than propaganda about Mandela, here are some very good resources…

1. See here for what the South African Communist Party says itself about "Comrade Mandela":
(Just skim the section headers if you don't want to read it all. See how Communist parties around the world sent condolences to SACP upon hearing of Mandela's death.)

2. Hear what South African Christian missionaries have to say:

3. Reconciling Mandela's history:

4. Steel on Steel audio presentation rich with Mandela facts and quotes:

5. How Cubans are responding to Mandela's death:
Mandela's Complicated Legacy Difficult to Celebrate for Cuban Exiles 

6. Shocking historical statistical facts about the American black community
Breakdown of the Black Family and Its Consequences
[These facts clearly demonstrate what we all know: No matter how much money we throw at these people to soothe our consciences, the government cannot replace the father. The family unit and Godly manhood must be restored if future generations are to see real change. Additionally, we must work to change the current laws that encourage unwed pregnancies and poverty.]

All images from sources cited above.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Are We A Christian Nation? Are We Exceptional?

It is important to note that what makes a nation "Christian" is not what religion the majority of people profess or the behavior they exhibit.

What makes a "Christian nation" is the foundation of the nation's government, the basis for the laws. It is impossible to expunge every morsel of the Biblical underpinnings that form the foundation of America and keep it America.

We are a Christian nation...whether people like it or not. From our three branches of government (Isaiah 33:22) to our levels of government (Jethro instructing Moses to divide oversight into groups), our laws and government are Biblical.

Just look at this list! http://www.faithfacts.org/christ-and-the-culture/the-bible-and-government

To make it anything else, this Constitutional Republic would have to be scrapped and a completely different form of government instituted. (In fact, this is what many are indeed trying to do because of their disdain for and rejection of God Almighty.)

This leads to the idea of "American Exceptionalism." The Left has intentionally perverted this term to make citizens believe that it means we think we are better than everyone else on the planet. Rather, it refers to the fact that this was the first nation *ever in history* - an exception - that was founded on the idea of Christian self-government, that man did not need a ruler, but could govern himself.

Since America's founding and her subsequent never-seen-before freedom, other nations have taken note of the great prosperity and generosity self-government affords and have adopted similar forms of government. But now in America, as man voluntarily cedes more and more control of himself over to man (via the civil government), we are seeing freedoms constrict and prosperity waning.

This is the natural law put in place by God: As self-government increases, civil government decreases. As self-government decreases, civil government increases.

Man who is not controlled by Christ will ALWAYS seek control by man in the form of increased laws, regulations, and restrictions.

Remember Rome? They had a law for everything. And I seem to recall...they didn't last.

Friday, October 18, 2013

God-less Revolution: Where is the Church?

I received this disturbing email today...


Attached is an incredible assignment given to a class of 7th graders in East Oldham Middle School [Kentucky] last week. They were specifically assigned to become activists for "Social Justice." Notice the links in the document, such as The Free Child Project. These 7th grade students were assigned to become activists for "reproductive freedom," LBGTQ causes, Latino gangs, etc. Look at the encouragement to "act for meaningful social change" and even the reference to the Highlander Center (which is an unabashed Communist training center in Tennessee). Also, notice the drawings of the children wearing hoodies.

This is Oldham County. This is Kentucky. This is our home. This isn't some far off material from deep in the bowels of San Francisco.

We need to rise up against this utter filth.

(Click on link above or here to see assignment.) 

[The sender didn't even mention the quote used in the document by radical feminist, sex-loose and -obsessed Margaret Mead, whose work "amply informed the 1960's sexual revolution" (per Wikipedia). "Mead was a champion of broadened sexual mores within a context of traditional western religious life." Excuse me, but what does that mean? Traditional western religious life is Christianity, and God has given plenty of dos and don'ts in the area of sexual morality/immorality. Authority to "broaden" any mores was not Ms. Mead's.]

What happened to teaching and learning? The primary goal of public education is clearly moving toward being a vehicle for social change.

Study history - ya know, that subject they've revised so much and reduced to boring years and meaningless facts so that you won't see them repeating it over and over again? Every single socialist/Communist nation started by co-opting the schools and youth. When they have the youth, they have power for generations.

It's really not rocket science.

But my visceral reaction to this email was, WHERE IS THE CHURCH!!??

This. Is. Warfare. Socialism and Communism are rooted in the religion of Atheism - since there is no God, man is the great ruler and provider to meet all your needs.

Christians, "occupy" till He returns! (Luke 19:13)

Do a word study on "occupy" using the 1828 Dictionary and Scripture to grasp the meaning of this command!  Take the key word(s) from the definition (hint: possess, possession), and look it up in Scripture to see what God says about those key words. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you His understanding. And then pray and act (James).

Where is the church of Jesus Christ?

This nation was a gift to be stewarded by His people, not the pagans. He did not create the nations just so they'd be governed by the God-less.

Yes, He has given us our leaders. But ask the next question: Why?

It is the consequence of the church's neglect and disobedience. He will continue to give us evil leaders until we (His children, no one else) repent and cry out for forgiveness for our apathy (2 Chron 7:14). See Old Testament - this is His character.

Church, this is not persecution. This is discipline!

Where is the church? Where are the pastors? Who will stand to fight against this God-less revolution aimed at our children whom the devil is seeking to devour?

It is time to abandon the coveted non-profit status and speak all of God's truth from the pulpit. Our governments are engaged in an assault on God and His word. Will the church placate the government or speak truth?

This is a turning point that will affect the next several generations. If the church truly cares for the souls of people, she must repent, pray, and act now.

Generations will...not...know...Him.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rulers vs. Serfs

As the Senate Democrats refuse to defund or even delay the individual mandate of Obamacare for us serfs, let's remember that they exempted themselves from this so-called historical, fair, and patriotic law...

White House Approves Deal: Congress And Staff Exempt From Obamacare

"If you ever wondered what medieval England was like, you have to look no further than the perks and exemptions given to the ruling class – Obama administration and Congress."

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/08/white-house-approves-deal-congress-and-staff-exempt-from-obamacare/#ixzz2gWowzjUY

And let's not forget the hundreds and hundreds of waivers that the White House has granted to Obama's donors, uh, friends and corporate cronies.

When will people wake up and see this is not about healthcare? You supporters are just tools. If this law is so great, why aren't they eager to participate?

Or has the American mind become so enslaved that you have no problem with having different laws and standards for the rulers?

Folks, we've had these battles. Remember your history?

Read the Magna Charta.

Read the Mayflower Compact

                                         Read the Constitution

Most importantly, read the Holy Bible, and start with the book of John. You and your liberty were bought with a price...a great price. Why, then, would you voluntarily cede your liberty to man?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Christianity Has Done More For Science Than Atheism Ever Could

This guy gets it - the Providential Hand of God throughout history, His Story, how He used men and nations to accomplish His will.

Throughout history we can see that wherever the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ went, great advancements were made in all areas - science, math, art, music, literature. Tragically, we can also see the decline in these areas as the Gospel departs in post-Christian nations.

Many Christians are so myopic, they miss His mighty works, tragically, even adopting the very conspiratorial beliefs of those who hate or deny God.

Christians, from where do you get your beliefs? From where do those beliefs have their origins? Are you believing the lies of those who hate Almighty God? Repent and ask God to expand your vision of Him and His works.


Read, share, and tweet this article like crazy. It's about time we make some noise.

Thank you, Mr. Walsh.

And for wonderful resources to learn more about the Providential Hand of God and to teach this vital principle to children...

(Click above to go right to site)

We will not conceal them from their children, But tell to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, And His strength and His wondrous works that He has done.
-Psalm 78:4

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Charade of Government Education

Alabama Adopts Race-based Standards for School Students

“Alabama public schools will be under a new state-created academic accountability system that sets different goals for students in math and reading based on their race, economic status, ability to speak English and disabilities.”
"The new system, called Plan 2020, sets a different standard for students in each of several subgroups — American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, black, English language learners, Hispanic, multirace, poverty, special education and white."

This so absurd, I can barely contain myself. Why have standards at all? 

Where does the game end? If it's "unfair" in school to demand equal standards for all students, won't it be "unfair" in college? Or medical school? Or even in the job market?

Let's do something crazy and just think about the consequences here...

  • All students, with varying levels of actual (as opposed to false) competency, will compete for the same colleges and jobs, yet at some point, the under-performers will lose out.
  • Accusations of racism will fly. 
  • Government to the rescue: Occupational quotas galore.

What will happen to occupations that historically require skill or a keen intellect? When you're on that airplane, how will it make you feel to know that your air traffic controller might be one of those "false competents"? Or what about that surgeon you're entrusting your child to for that risky procedure?

Why even bother to have an education system or standards if, in the end, the outcomes really don't matter?

Just close all the schools, give everyone a diploma, and call it a day. 

Let's just get past the charade of government "education" please.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Culture is Created by Default or Design

I love this article. She hits the nail right on the head.

The American family needs a change for the better. Will you be by default or by design?

Published: Friday, July 12, 2013 at 03:01 AM.
A friend and I discovered that we shared a connection with a particular young family. “They’re lovely,” I said.

It nagged at me later that I had tagged such a remarkable family with such a bland description. Lovely could be a straw hat with artificial flowers worn to the Kentucky Derby. Lovely wasn’t an apt description, but it was the only thing I could think of at the time. I thought about it later because my best thoughts are always my after-the-moment-has-passed thoughts. The best word to describe them would have been “intentional.”

They are married, have three small children and a vision for life. They have a sense of purpose about work, home, family and each ordinary day. They live within modest means, yet practice generosity. She routinely turns out epicurean wonders like shaved asparagus pizza for others who can use a little help. She, along with little eyes watching and little hands helping, craft beautiful meals.

They are intentional about how they spend time as a family, discriminating about what their children take in, opting for books, crafts and outings instead of television and media. Their faith isn’t relegated to Sunday mornings, but shapes their day-to-day living. They value face-to-face conversations more than electronic messages with emoticons and no vowels.

An article in Forbes discussed what separates great leaders from average leaders. “Great leaders create culture by design, while average leaders allow culture to evolve by default,” wrote Mike Myatt.

It is actually strong leadership at work in this little family. What sets them apart is that they are not evolving by default, passively letting life happen to them, but actively pursuing life and attempting to shape it as they go.

It is far easier to be a family by default. Families that evolve by default require a lot less work and thought. The adults do their thing, the kids do their thing, and they meet for take-out or fast food a couple of nights a week and wonder why nobody seems to connect.

When you create a family by design, you make the choices instead of letting others make the choices for you. You decide. You decide to introduce children to great works of art, to allow them to paint, make music, make a mess, play uninterrupted, putter alongside you in the kitchen, the garden, the workshop and the garage, discovering how tools work and pieces fit.

That sort of family is sometimes out of step with culture. It is a family that moves slower, ambles off the beaten path and goes against the grain. That sort of family life takes thinking ahead, creating opportunities, checking benchmarks and being deliberate about choices.

There’s not much middle ground when it comes to growing a family. 

It really is family by default, or family by design.
Lori Borgman is the author of “The Death of Common Sense and Profiles of Those Who Knew Him.” Contact her at lori@loriborgman.com.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MLK's Niece Grieved over Zimmerman Verdict

Dr. Alveda King released a statement in response to Saturday's verdict:

"abortionists are butchering women in so called legal yet under-regulated facilities where in many cases no arrests are being made...
"In Chicago, where random killings are at an all time high, a Black Woman, Tonya Reaves, was recently slaughtered and bled to death for five hours in a Planned Parenthood abortion mill and no arrests have been made.
"Now in the wake of Trayvon's senseless death and Mr. Zimmerman's acquittal many people are angry at the tragic loss of life and what some perceive to be a shun on the Black race. For the record, Acts 17:26 teaches that there is one blood and one human race, not multiple races, so racism is based on a lie!
"Others seem to feel a victory because certain constitutional rights were favorably argued and the question of reasonable doubt prevailed in this case. Yet it is important to also note that Zimmerman's life is ruined too, and that the court of public opinion is not completely on his side.

Her comments in full can be found here:

How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death

"The February 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martion might never have happened if school officials in Miami-Dade County had not instituted an unofficial policy of treating crimes as school disciplinary infractions. Revelations that emerged from an internal affairs investigation explain why Martin was not arrested when caught at school with stolen jewelry in October 2011 or with marijuana in February 2012. Instead, the teenager was suspended from school, the last time just days before he was shot dead by George Zimmerman."

Full story here:

(Photo Credit: LadyLiberty1885)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Private Property Rights: Do They Exist...Really?

If you've been blessed enough to have a mortgage-burning celebration upon paying off your home debt, you know what a proud and exhilarating time that is. Finally...that dream you sacrificed for and diligently pursued for many years, accomplished. It's finally all yours.

Or is it? What would happen if you didn't pay your property taxes?

What would happen if you stopped paying income taxes? Or that vehicle tax?

Would you get to keep "your" property? (Yes, your pay is your property.)

As civil government bloats ever larger, it is increasingly encroaching on our property rights. The hubris is palpable, as if to say,

"All things really belong to the Government, and we're just gracious enough to let you borrow it: your money, your home. Sure, we'll let you live under the illusion of 'private property'...until it conflicts with us - then, we win."
"Oh, and your children? They belong to us, too."


Homeowner Arrested For Not Allowing Police To Use His House For Stakeout 

"According to a lawsuit the family filed against the city of Henderson [NV], the police did not accept Mitchell’s refusal and used a metal ram to bash in his front door and then entered his house without permission.  In fear, Mitchell curled up in a ball on the living room floor as the police shot him and his dog with pepperballs.  Mitchell was subsequently arrested for obstructing a police officer."

Full story:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Justice Department: Tolerance Trumps Homeschooling

This smacks of the UN Convention of the Rights of theChild (UNCRC), where government-determined child rights supersede parental authority...

 The Obama Administration wants to deport this Evangelical Christian family.

The Romeikes had already been fined and German police once forcibly escorted their five children to school. They were notified that they could ultimately lose custody if they continued to home school.
The family was initially granted asylum, but the Department of Justice objected and demanded the Christian family be deported.
Attorney General Holder is trying to seek dismissal of this case because he believes that targeting specific groups in the name of tolerance is within the normal legitimate functions of government,” said Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. “This cannot be the ultimate position of the United States without denying the essence of our commitment to liberty.”

In their latest court briefing, the Justice Department referenced international court rulings that held 
“parents could not refuse the right to education of a child on the basis of the parents’ convictions, because the child has an independent right to education.”

The Romeike children work on their lessons at the kitchen table of their Tennessee home.

They also referenced a German court ruling that states “the general public has a justified interest in counteracting the development of religiously or philosophically motivated ‘parallel societies’ and in integrating minorities in this area.”

Full story: