Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"God is the future, and atheism is on its way out."

As we look around our nation, it's easy to become discouraged and overwhelmed. But I've been reading some good news and wanted to share.

In his 2007 book, What's So Great About Christianity, author Dinesh D'Souza examines the research to tell of a hopeful, emerging trend.

D'Souza points out that liberal Christianity is retreating, losing church members in droves: The Presbyterian church has lost half its membership since 1960, Episcopal one-third, United Church of Christ almost half, while the Southern Baptist Convention has increased from 8.7 million to 16.4 million.

One reason for the liberal fall is "how much intellectual and moral ground they concede to the adversaries of Christianity" by rejecting modern-day miracles and the Old Testament all-powerful God, while blaming the church for historical conflict and oppression.

"A small but influential segment of liberal Christianity rejects all the central doctrines of Christianity. H. Richard Niebuhr famously summed up their credo: 'A God without wrath brought men without sin into a kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a cross.'"

Meanwhile, Christianity is exploding in the eastern and developing worlds. Citing author Philip Jenkins, D'Souza states that "what distinguishes [Eastern] Christians is that they immerse themselves in the world of the Bible to a degree that even devout Western Christians do not. For poor people around the world, the social landscape of the Bible is quite familiar. They, too, live in a world of hardship, poverty, money-lenders, and lepers. The themes of exile and persecution resonate with them. Supernatural evil seems quite real to them, and they have little problem in understanding the concept of hell. Some...even expect the miracles of ancient times to be witnessed in their own lifetimes...An African preacher...insisted that through God's grace he had performed innumerable headings...When [a western] pastor looked at him a bit doubtfully, he pointed to the Bible and said, 'Young man, there is a big difference between you and me. You see this book right here? We believe it.'"

"Third World Christianity is coming our way" with South Korea and China sending missionaries westward.

Students of history will recognize that the Gospel of Jesus Christ moved westward mostly through the northern continents from Asia, Europe, and then to North America. But now we are experiencing the expansion through the southern continents - what an exciting time to be alive!

"Christianity is winning, and secularism is losing...one trend seems clear. God is the future, and atheism is on its way out," D'Souza declares.

[Emphasis mine.]

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