Friday, June 21, 2013

Religious Freedom "Undermines" Common Core?

That's what the Jefferson County (Louisville) Teachers Association (JCTA) told the Kentucky governor.

Earlier this year the KY legislature overwhelmingly passed HB 279, known as the Religious Freedom bill. After hearing from many groups who wrote letters opposing the bill (see here, 44% of the letters posted cite concerns over homosexual rights and include a letter from Planned Parenthood as well as an 8-page letter from out-of-state LAMDA), the Governor vetoed it and sent the letter below to constituents, explaining that he vetoed HB 279 because of its "impact on implementation of the new Common Core Standards in our schools."

What did HB 279 say?

"Government shall not substantially burden a person's freedom of religion. The right to act or refuse to act in a manner motivated by a sincerely held religious belief may not be substantially burdened unless the government proves by clear and convincing evidence that it has a compelling governmental interest in infringing the specific act or refusal to act and has used the least restrictive means to further that interest. A 'burden' shall include indirect burdens such as withholding benefits, assessing penalties, or an exclusion from programs or access to facilities."

That's it.

Here's the letter JCTA sent the Governor requesting his veto:

You can also find an online version of the Governor's statement here:

and the JCTA letter online here (p.11):

So, what do they know about Common Core that you don't?

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