Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Very Low Bar For Arrest

American evangelist and street preacher Tony Miano found himself in trouble while in London for Wimbledon.

You see, Miano wasn't there to catch a match or two. He was there to preach God's word.

When a woman called the police on him, Miano was arrested for preaching that homosexuality is a sin. They even took a sample of Miano's DNA!

As the article details, Miano did not single out or attack homosexuals, but included sexual activities that God calls sin.

Specifically, the arresting officer told Miano...

"We're arresting you...
because people have been offended by what you said."

Arrested for another's perception of offense? Wow. 

I am highly offended when I hear my God's name used as casual slang or as a curse word or as a filler when enough brain cells can't be engaged long enough to come up with a more appropriate representation of the English language. 

"OMG" is an everyday offense. (It did make #3 on God's Top 10 'Thou Shalt Nots.' Do you think He takes that one lightly?)

Call me silly, but I'm not expecting any arrests anytime soon for my perceived offense.

ChristianConcern.com notes on the story's page that England is seeing a rise in arrests of street preachers. We, in the United States, can expect the same here as America embraces homosexuality.

Full story and ChristianConcern.com's brief video here:

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