Friday, October 18, 2013

God-less Revolution: Where is the Church?

I received this disturbing email today...


Attached is an incredible assignment given to a class of 7th graders in East Oldham Middle School [Kentucky] last week. They were specifically assigned to become activists for "Social Justice." Notice the links in the document, such as The Free Child Project. These 7th grade students were assigned to become activists for "reproductive freedom," LBGTQ causes, Latino gangs, etc. Look at the encouragement to "act for meaningful social change" and even the reference to the Highlander Center (which is an unabashed Communist training center in Tennessee). Also, notice the drawings of the children wearing hoodies.

This is Oldham County. This is Kentucky. This is our home. This isn't some far off material from deep in the bowels of San Francisco.

We need to rise up against this utter filth.

(Click on link above or here to see assignment.) 

[The sender didn't even mention the quote used in the document by radical feminist, sex-loose and -obsessed Margaret Mead, whose work "amply informed the 1960's sexual revolution" (per Wikipedia). "Mead was a champion of broadened sexual mores within a context of traditional western religious life." Excuse me, but what does that mean? Traditional western religious life is Christianity, and God has given plenty of dos and don'ts in the area of sexual morality/immorality. Authority to "broaden" any mores was not Ms. Mead's.]

What happened to teaching and learning? The primary goal of public education is clearly moving toward being a vehicle for social change.

Study history - ya know, that subject they've revised so much and reduced to boring years and meaningless facts so that you won't see them repeating it over and over again? Every single socialist/Communist nation started by co-opting the schools and youth. When they have the youth, they have power for generations.

It's really not rocket science.

But my visceral reaction to this email was, WHERE IS THE CHURCH!!??

This. Is. Warfare. Socialism and Communism are rooted in the religion of Atheism - since there is no God, man is the great ruler and provider to meet all your needs.

Christians, "occupy" till He returns! (Luke 19:13)

Do a word study on "occupy" using the 1828 Dictionary and Scripture to grasp the meaning of this command!  Take the key word(s) from the definition (hint: possess, possession), and look it up in Scripture to see what God says about those key words. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you His understanding. And then pray and act (James).

Where is the church of Jesus Christ?

This nation was a gift to be stewarded by His people, not the pagans. He did not create the nations just so they'd be governed by the God-less.

Yes, He has given us our leaders. But ask the next question: Why?

It is the consequence of the church's neglect and disobedience. He will continue to give us evil leaders until we (His children, no one else) repent and cry out for forgiveness for our apathy (2 Chron 7:14). See Old Testament - this is His character.

Church, this is not persecution. This is discipline!

Where is the church? Where are the pastors? Who will stand to fight against this God-less revolution aimed at our children whom the devil is seeking to devour?

It is time to abandon the coveted non-profit status and speak all of God's truth from the pulpit. Our governments are engaged in an assault on God and His word. Will the church placate the government or speak truth?

This is a turning point that will affect the next several generations. If the church truly cares for the souls of people, she must repent, pray, and act now.

Generations will...not...know...Him.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rulers vs. Serfs

As the Senate Democrats refuse to defund or even delay the individual mandate of Obamacare for us serfs, let's remember that they exempted themselves from this so-called historical, fair, and patriotic law...

White House Approves Deal: Congress And Staff Exempt From Obamacare

"If you ever wondered what medieval England was like, you have to look no further than the perks and exemptions given to the ruling class – Obama administration and Congress."

Read more:

And let's not forget the hundreds and hundreds of waivers that the White House has granted to Obama's donors, uh, friends and corporate cronies.

When will people wake up and see this is not about healthcare? You supporters are just tools. If this law is so great, why aren't they eager to participate?

Or has the American mind become so enslaved that you have no problem with having different laws and standards for the rulers?

Folks, we've had these battles. Remember your history?

Read the Magna Charta.

Read the Mayflower Compact

                                         Read the Constitution

Most importantly, read the Holy Bible, and start with the book of John. You and your liberty were bought with a price...a great price. Why, then, would you voluntarily cede your liberty to man?