Common Core: Why the Uproar?

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Common Core is a dire threat to our children, families, communities, and nation. Forty-six states and the District of Columbia have adopted these national education standards, but there is a groundswell of opposition rising.

Once national standards and testing are in place, a national curriculum follows, thus, ceding parent, school, district, and state control of education to the federal government and its agenda. 

There is much egregious about Common Core, including, but not limited to:

  • the inadequate, inappropriate, and substandard content that will put out children even further behind other nations; 
  • the extensive tracking of highly sensitive and personal data on every student (and family) from preschool to entry into the workforce (there are even data fields for date of death) in a national database accessible by all federal agencies and for sale to private vendors; and
  • enormous cost to already-bankrupt states.

If you support the teaching of man-made climate change (and thus, radical behavioral change and depopulation to correct it), evolution as fact, and homosexuality across all age groups, then you'll be very pleased with Common Core, which is financially backed by global atheist and "depopulationist" Bill Gates.

Below are very informative videos, specific to Georgia but applicable to all states. 

Many states have citizens who have formed groups opposing Common Core, so search online for one in your state. The following websites are also excellent resources:
And of course, you can always find insightful news and posts at the Liberty Bellow on Facebook.

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